Bewustwording en intuïtie

You are the protagonist of your life and you are born with the ability to perceive clearly. This can be seen clearly, but also hear clear, bright smell, feel bright, bright and clear taste to know. These are the parts of your senses perceive less material world.

Figuur 1: materieel en energetisch lichaam

Everything is energy, also matter. The subtle energies can not be seen directly or grasped and are not mentioned equipment. These energies play an important role in our daily lives, whether we are there or are not aware of. Continuous energy is collected, processed and transmitted.

Humans and all other living beings possess, besides a material, also an energetic body that penetrates and surrounds them, this is called the aura (see Figure 1).
It would be nice if you at home and in elementary school taught how the innate, intuitive powers and can recognize and use it in your daily life, such as primitive peoples is still normal.

In Itaka you step into your own development journey when you feel like it, add to it or are just curious. Itaka offers opportunities to experience it in the way that suits you. Visit a lecture, participate in a workshop to do to get into your processes and life themes, do a beginners training to discover what your aura and chakras’ really are and what you can do with it. Understanding an aura reading But you can also join a training for advanced and pick what suits you. At your own level

The challenge is to find your own path and follow in life. This is the path that totally fits who you are and it brings passion into your life and give you food. It gives meaning to your life with the answer to the question “Why am I on earth? ‘,’ I’ll use anything I can do? ‘,’ I really know what I can do? ‘” Can I find out who I really am? ”

It is about getting to know and deal with your own invisible energy. In the training of Itaka you learn this energy conscious. Where is it, how does it feel and what it tells me.

Then you learn to manage your own energy body, closing, cleaning and balance.

Eventually, you learn to control your energy body, use it to display the way you want. Shape your daily life

Figuur 2: jij in je wezenskracht.

These three verbs are still important when you’re traveling on your development journey. This trip can be seen as a spiral staircase you can climb ever higher. The purpose of the climbing is fine and fulfilling to live as much as possible using the abilities that make you who you really are. You’ll push as much as possible the essence of yourself in

your life. You make your inner strength free and you strive to:
bright and
itself (see Figure 2)

The techniques you learn to use the training to support you in this endeavor. By learning to work with your own energy in the beginner training, interaction with the energy of another in the healing training and learning to read information from other people, businesses, buildings and places you make your own nuclear-free. You remove old pieces, makes channels open, let energy flow through you, reprogram parts of yourself that you obstruct and strengthen your aura and your clarity. This spiral staircase brings you to your own powerful core and support you in the changes of the present time, around 2012. You are ready to receive the new energies of post-2012 process and apply. See Figure 3

Figuur 3: je ontwikkelreis als wenteltrap