Healing Centre Itaka

Healing Centre Itaka is a new-age center for healing and consciousness development. Itaka provides a place for people who are curious about their deepest self. Itaka is run by Marianne van der Shields. She gives trainings in addition to intuitive development, healing, reading and mediumship as personal consultations.
Itaka also offers diverse experiences that meet this special time full of new developments. Besides training Guest speakers tell about phenomena such as zero-point energy, mind-over-matter experiments, crop circles and UFOs

Marianne:,, When people learn to discover their soul purpose and which is intuitive skills they embody them, they know their real strength and they get a clear understanding of themselves. Clairvoyance which I get in people upstairs. So people function better. If they do not come in touch with their inner self, they get on the duration of symptoms. The energy runs out, they get burnout. ”


Healing – Reading – Training

Discover the real power within yourself, your job and your life.

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